FEAA - Arhiva 2007 - Anale

Arhiva 2007

Accounting and Business Information Systems

Istrate C - Appreciation on the debt ratio of some companies of Iasi county
Andone I - The competency-based approach for accounting education in Romania
Grama A, Fotache D - ICT and ERP applications challenges in romanian SMEs
Popescul D, Genete LD - Advantages and risks related to using information and communication technologies
Aparaschivei F - A neural network model for sales analysis
Mazareanu V - Risk management and analysis-risk assessment
Mihalache SC - Using decision models  metamodel for information retrieval


Cocris V, Ungureanu MC - Why are banks special
Stoica O, Capraru B - The effects of the competition in the romanian banking system
Stefura G, Ciurariu G - Financing the firm
Boariu A, Bilan I - Inflationary effects of budget deficit financing in contemporary economies
Firtescu B - Actual stage of development for Basel II and effects on romanian financial system soundness
Martin A - The impact of fiscal budgetary policies on the enterprise investment decisions


Isan V, Chiper S - Reforms and reformers-Michael Cernea at the World Bank
Pohoata I -To the springs of a modern economic theory-institutionalism
Mursa GC - Education and employment
Diaconu L - Low-cost strategies in the context of global market
Dobrica FI - UK and us multinational corporations capital structure
Iacobuta AO - The emergence and evolution of institutions
Maftei V - R&D internationalization


Jaba E, Jemna DV, Viorica D, Balan CB - Discriminant analysis in the study of romanian regional economic development
Gagea M - Identifying the nature of the seasonal component
Turturean CI - The econometric modeling of the dynamics of the romanian economic growth during the period 1990-2004


Mursa GC - Theodore W. Sschultz, investing in people
Baran ES - Jagdish Bhagwati, in defense of globalization


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