FEAA - Arhiva 2008 - Anale

Arhiva 2008


Budugan D, Georgescu I - Use of the cost/volume/profit analysis to estimate earnings
Tulvinschi M - Stocks volume optimization and their management in case of risk 

Finance, Money and Banking

Andrieş AM - Theories regarding the banking activity
Bocean CG - Corporate governance quality
Căpraru B - Considerations regarding central bank’s dilemma: price stability or financial stability?
Dima B - Economic and socio-politic freedoms: are these connected to the foreign direct investments?
Dragomir G, Dragomir Ş - Economy and finance in the context of globalization
Iosub-Dobrica F - Shareholder value enhancing strategies - empirical evidence on multinational corporations behaviour
Martin A - The impact of the fiscal-budgetary policy on the enterprise cash flows
Miloş LR - A review of the IPO activity on the romanian capital market. Comparative analysis with the international capital market
Miloş M - A comparative study regarding the performance and the efficiency of the public sector in the member states of the European Union
Mînjină D - P/E and P/B multiples and company’s financial structure
Murgea A - Investor’s psychology cycle on the romanian capital market 
Roman A, Bilan I - Factors generating public indebtedness in developed economies
Simion AE, Bădescu AV - The impact of home insurance for the portfolio of insurance companies
Stanciu V - Internal audit approach in banks
Strouhal J, Žďárská P - Comparison of the requirements for reporting of listed and non-listed companies: some issues from the Czech Republic
Ungureanu MC, Cocriş V - Northern Rock: the crisis of a UK mortgage lender
Vlad O - The use of the monetary policy instruments by central banks under globalization

Management, Marketing and Communication

Colbu IC, Scutariu AL - Aspects regarding the consumer buyer behaviour for budget hotels in Ireland
Ivanova M - An analysis of brand interdependencies using Artificial Neural Networks
Manic S - Is technological leadership decisive for competitiveness?
Neculăesei A, Tătăruşanu M - Romania – cultural and regional differences
Romanescu M, Rabontu C - The development of goods transport in Romania
Suri G, Sharma PC - Intellectual property rights for traditional healers: indian perception
Tureac CE, Turtureanu AG, Bordea I - General considerations on rural tourism

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Diaconu L, Popescu CC - Informal education in Romania
Dobre C - The relation between openness to trade and economic growth
Garcia Menendez JR - "Fragmented globalization" of the international economy: a general view
Garcia Sanchez A, Espasandin Bustelo F, Borra Marcos C - Innovative behaviour in social economy: the Andalusian case
Giannoccaro G, Prosperi M, Monteleone M, Gatta G, Zanni G - Role of the irrigation charges to induce the adoption of water saving innovation in semi-arid regions

Hagiu A, Neacşu M - International negociations and trade policy. The case of Romania
Martos Palma L - The common market and competition policy in the European Union
Plopeanu AP -The postmodern issues and the theory of integration
Viaggi D, Bartolini F - An ex-ante evaluation of agri-environmental contracts for the provision of landscape elements in an area of Emilia-Romagna Region
Zhang WB - A multi-region economic growth model with migration, housing and regional amenity

Statistics and Econometrics

Gagea M, Ionescu AM - Extraction of seasonal variations of unemployment rate in Romania using several methods based on moving average filter
Kľúčik M, Haluška - Construction of composite leading indicator for the Slovak economy
Viorică ED - An overview of prevention and correction methods for non-response in surveys

The Society of Knowledge and Business Information Systems

Florescu V, Amza C - Some reflections related to the building of an evaluation framework for organizational information systems
Sireteanu NA - Security tools software in an open source environment


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