FEAA - Arhiva 2009


Dorina BUDUGAN, Iuliana GEORGESCU —Cost Reduction by Using Budgeting Via the Kaizen Method
Ioan DUMITREAN —Dynamic Methods of Enterprise Valuation
Ramona LAPTES, Adriana Florina POPA—The IFRS Standard for Small and Medium-Sized Entities – Another Challenge for  the Romanian Accounting
Sabina-Cristiana NECULA — Decision Models: Integrating Different Perspectives .
Alin Marius ANDRIES — A Comparative Analysis of Performance and Soundness Indicators of the Main Romanian Banks.
Carmen CORDUNEANU, Laura Raisa MILOS — A Sectorial Analysis of the Financing Practices of the Romanian Companies Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange.
Leszek CZERWONKA — Changes in Share Prices as a Response to Earnings Forecasts Regarding Future Real Profits
Fitim DEARI, Media DEARI — The Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Macedonian Listed and Unlisted Companies
Marius Sorin DINCĂ, Gheorghiţa DINCĂ — Fiscal Decentralization in Romania – Present State and Perspectives
Liliana DONATH, Mariana SLAVIN — Tax Competition and Foreign Direct Investments. Is There a Connection?
Adina MARTIN — The Impact of Taxation on the Investment’ Localization Decision in the Context of Globalization
Angela ROMAN, Irina BILAN — The Monetary Policy and the Financial Stability in the Context of Globalization.
Ovidiu STOICA, Bogdan CĂPRARU — Lessons Regarding Bank Failures. An Overview.
Desislava STOILOVA — Financial Decentralization in Bulgaria: Which Are the Most Important Achievement of the Transition Period and How to Move Forward?
Jiří STROUHAL, Dana DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Bohuslava KNAPOVÁ — Preliminary View on Owner’s and Manager’s Approach to Valuation
Ioan TRENCA — The Use in Banks of Value at Risk Method in Market Risk Management.
Gabriel TURINICI — Robust Recovery of the Risk Neutral Probability Density from Option Prices
Gheorghe VOINEA, Sorin Gabriel ANTON — Redefining the Role of International Monetary Fund in the Light of the Current Economic and Financial Crisis.
Wei-Bin ZHANG — A Small Open Interregional Monetary Spatial Economic Growth with the MIU Approach
Ismail Azman, Lucy Loh Ching Sieng, Mohd Na’eim Ajis, Noor Faizzah Dollah,
Ali Boerhannoeddin  — Relationship Between Supervisor’s Role and Job Performance in the Workplace Training Program
Gina Ionela BUTNARU — The Quality of Services in Tourism and in the Romanian Accommodation System
Maria Carmen CEBUC, Iuliana IORDACHE — Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Tourism in Some European Countries
Andrei MAXIM — Relationship Marketing – A New Paradigm in Marketing Theory and Practice
Angelica-Nicoleta ONEA — Methodological Aspects in the Study of Cultural and Intercultural Differences
Ada-Iuliana POPESCU — European Penal Law- An Instrument to Fight Against Human Trafficking.
Adrian Liviu SCUTARIU — Tourism – Economic Growth Factor and Essential Element in Regional Development of Romania.
Victoria Ann SEITZ, Nabil RAZZOUK, Olesia LUPU, Ka Man Carman CHU — An Analysis of US and Hong Kong Print Advertising of Self-Image Projective Products
Luminiţa Mihaela STRĂJERI — The Administrative StaffRecruitment and Selection in Romanian Public Higher Education Institutions.
Camelia SURUGIU, Cristi FRENł, Marius SURUGIU — Tourism and its Impact Upon the Romanian Economy: an Input-Output Approach
Wacław SZYMANOWSKI — Information Technology in Formulation of Transparency Strategies for Food Chain and Supply Management in Poland
Maria TĂTĂRUŞANU — Human Resource Management Risks in Tourism.
Isabel ÁLVAREZ, Georgina MALDONADO — Technology, Foreign-Owned Firms and Competitiveness in the Middle-Income Countries.
Marianna GRETA, Krzysztof LEWANDOWSKI — Euroregion as a Link in Integration and Execution of Tasks Under EU Regional Policy and Lisbon Strategy.
Mihai MUTAŞCU — Political Regime Durability, Development and Governance: the Romania’s Case
Lucia PALIU-POPA — Trends of the Romanian Foreign Trade in the Transition Period
Paweł PASIERBIAK — Trade Development Between the European Union and Japan from 1995 to 2008.
Cristian C. POPESCU, Laura DIACONU — The Relationship Between the Level of Education and the Development State of a Country.
Magdalena RĂDULESCU— Economic Crisis, its Prospects and Challenges
Laurenţiu RĂDVAN — On the Medieval Urban Economy in Wallachia
Gabriela Lucia ŞIPOŞ — The Romanian Innovation Performance in the European Context
Wiktor ADAMUS — A New Method of Job Evaluation.
Elisabeta JABA, Alina Măriuca IONESCU, Corneliu IAŢU, Christiana Brigitte BALAN — The Evaluation of the Regional Profile of the Economic Development in Romania
Dănuţ-Vasile JEMNA, Mihai CURELARU — Reception of Values Among Students.
Manish KUMAR — Exploiting the Information of Stock Market to Forecast Exchange Rate Movements.
S.R.T. MOENG, D.K. SHANGODOYIN, P.M. KGOSI — Using Influence Function Matrix as Outlier Detecting Tool Based on Pooled Serial Correlation Coefficients.
G.M. OYEYEMI, R.A. IPINYOMI — A Robust Method of Estimating Covariance Matrix in Multivariate Data Analysis.
Robin N. WIDGERY, Madhukar ANGUR — Neighborhood Integration, Race Relations, and the Quality-of-Life.
Wu-Jen CHUANG, Liang-Yuh OU-YANG, Wen-Chen LO — Nonlinear Market Dynamics Between Stock Returns and Trading Volume: Empirical Evidences from Asian Stock Markets 
Dinu AIRINEI, Daniel HOMOCIANU — The Geographical Dimension of DSS Applications
Laura-Diana RADU — Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and, Quantitative Methods for Risk Assessment: Case of the Financial Audit



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