FEAA - Arhiva 2011



Considerations on applying fair value in Romania (Diana COZMA IGHIAN)

The evolution of financial standards for small and medium-sized entities (Mateja JERMAN, Gordana IVANKOVIČ)

The european funding in the romanian agriculture and the need of a specific accounting (Ramona LAPTEȘ, Adriana Florina POPA)


The local determinants of emerging market sovereign cds spreads in the context of the debt crisis. an explanatory study  (Sorin Gabriel ANTON)

How to raise equity capital? A case of Polish companies (Joanna BŁACH)

The effect of exchange rate arrangements on transmission of interest rates and monetary policy independence: evidence from a group of new EU member countries (Bogdan CĂPRARU, Iulian IHNATOV)

Announcement of the exchange ratio of the merging companies - impact on the acquiring firms (Leszek CZERWONKA)

Comparing 1994, 2001 and 2008 currency crises in Turkey (Dimitrios DAPONTAS)

A comparative analysis of the public deficits run by the old and new EU member states in the context of the global financial crisis (Marius Sorin DINCA, Gheorghita DINCA, Ileana TACHE)

Fiscal federalism and public debt fiscal instability due to multi level borrowing in a model of neoclassical growth (Holger KÄCHELEIN)

Measuring corporate effective tax burden in Romania: a comprehensive approach (Sebastian LAZĂR, Gheorghe FILIP)

Diversity of the pension systems in the European Union countries (Laura Raisa MILOŞ, Carmen CORDUNEANU) 

Romanian local governments’ indebtedness – a macroeconomic and territorial approach  (Florin OPREA, Irina BILAN)


Managerial analysis of mobbing and fear in the workplace (Zuzana BIRKNEROVÁ)

Analysis of administrative burdens for companies in selected see countries (Barbara BRADAČ HOJNIK, Miroslav REBERNIK)

The characteristics of preferred strategic postures by Bulgarian industrial companies in the world financial and economic crisis (Kiril DIMITROV)

The importance of negotiation and sales techniques on insurance market  (Nicoleta DOSPINESCU)

Empirical study on food consumption in western-transdanubian region – changes in Hungary (Péter HUSZKA , Judit MAKKOS.KÁLDI)

Information technologies in transformation of marketing activity (Nina ILARIONOVA)

Relationship between career program characteristics and job satisfaction in a city based local authority (Azman ISMAIL, Nik Ghazali NIK DAUD, Hidayah MADRAH)

The meaning of perceived risk in purchasing decisions of the Polish customers (Grzegorz MACIEJEWSKI)

Contact – the client - organization synapsis (Adriana MANOLICĂ, Teodora Cristina ROMAN, Ioana GRASU)

Environmental market failure and globalization in developing countries (Elenica PJERO, Pranvera JAHOLLARI, Xhiliola AGARAJ)

Identity of national heritage in function of specialised tourist offer in Croatia (Neven ŠERIĆ, Jasminka TALIJANČIĆ)

On-line marketing-communication in Hungary (Krisztina TARALIK)

Measuring integrated marketing communication (Bruno ZAVRŠNIK, Damjana JERMAN)


Measuring the outside potential of the OECD countries (Zoltan BARTHA, Andrea GUBIK)

Reflection effect under different risk attitudes (Vladimír GAZDA, Matúš KUBÁK, Marek GRÓF,Karolína BARINKOVÁ, Michaela ŽECOVÁ)

Foreign direct investments in Bulgaria: main results of foreign investors surveys (Valentin GOEV, Venelin BOSHNAKOV, Ekaterina TOSHEVA)

Crisis and economic growth in the EU (Péter HALMAI, Viktória VÁSÁRY)

Some monetarist reflections on business cycles  (Mihaela IFRIM)

Environmental taxation in Central and Eastern Europe:  the case of Albania (Elona POJANI, Dorina POJANI)

Trust and its impact on the economic growth (Cristian C. POPESCU)

Efficiency-based restructuring approach of Romanian economy (Dumitru Dan POPESCU)

Development directions of Polish energy policy (Sylwia SŁUPIK)

Global economic growth, elastic labor supply, knowledge utilization and creation with learning-by-doing (Wei-Bin ZHANG)


What determines Cézanne’s art pricing? A hedonic regression method (Abderazak BAKHOUCHE, Ludovic P.J. THEBAULT)

Effects of political risks on Japanese outward foreign direct investments: a panel data analysis (Ivan DESEATNICOV, Akiba HIROYA)


IT outsourcing partnerships in Bulgaria: strategic orientation (Matilda ALEXANDROVA)

Technological integration for increasing the contextual level of information (Octavian DOSPINESCU, Marian PERCA)

Impact of virtualization process on the competitiveness of small and medium sized firms (Marta NAJDA-JANOSZKA)

The evolution of user interfaces in the context of rich internet applications (Napoleon Alexandru SIRETEANU)


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